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Talking With Ash Gambhir - Benefits From the Mountains and Nutrition While Climbing

Talking With Ash Gambhir - Benefits From the Mountains and Nutrition While Climbing

NOM Athlete Ash Gambhir is an avid multi-sport mountain athlete who’s originally from San Diego. Ash works as a data scientist and has spent years guiding in the alpine. I had the chance to climb with him during his busy alpine season to find out more about his enthusiasm for big rocks. 

- How long have you lived in SLC for and what’s kept you out here?

I moved to Salt Lake City 3 years ago for the mountains. The climbing, skiing, trail running, and other mountain sports access is like nowhere else in America.

- What is it about climbing that keeps you coming back?

The sense of achievement when you overcome a difficult climb, the adrenaline rush, and the connection with nature keeps me coming back for more. Plus, hanging out with fellow climbers and the mountain community is super awesome.

Man prepares climbing gear

- How has the outdoors impacted your life? Physically/Mentally?

I'm definitely affected both mentally and physically. It helps deal with stress and process shit. I think being out in the mountains alone just really helps me deal with the baggage we all deal with in life. It helps me to live in the moment. I think the physical benefits are really just a bonus to the real reason I enjoy the outdoors.

- How has nutrition impacted your experience in the outdoors?

For climbing especially, I've realized my performance is seriously affected if I'm not hydrating so what I'll try to do for that is just try to drink a ton of water to prepare my diet the day before a big day to get ready. And then I've found the NOM During products really work for me because I need long lasting sustained caffeine and hydration for those long alpine days.

- What's your favorite NOM flavor?

Lemon Lime.

Climber climbing on an alpine route

- Have you guided in the past? What kind of guide?

I did some guiding when I lived in San Diego for a few years as a Rock Guide/Single Pitch Instructor.

- Any big goals this year you are looking forward to this season?

I had about 6 or 7 big alpine objectives this season and was able to put down 6 of them so I'm feeling pretty good about that.

- What is your favorite thing to do outside? If you had to choose one. 

Probably climbing, it's really tough for me to choose between ski touring and climbing but if one had to go away I think I would stick with climbing.


It’s important to note that this interview took place at the base of the Lone Peak Headwall before a multi-pitch to ascend the Center Thumb route. This was Ash and his climbing partner Ken Lee's second objective of the day to make the most of the seven mile, 5,000 vertical foot approach to access the incredible climbing in the Cirque during their single day push. His tenacity to climb coupled with his technical knowledge makes him a powerful member of the climbing community and a wealth of great beta and advice.

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